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Carl Fiset
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proutporut Historique de CKMI-5

le Sam 7 Juil - 22:30
Appelée dans les années 80, je crois, MI-5.


Québec, Ville de Québec et Est du Québec / Quebec City and Eastern Quebec

CKMI-TV, Quebec City, CanWest Global Communications

CKMI-TV channel 5 signed on the air March 17. The station was owned by Television de Quebec (Canada) Ltee. which also owned CFCM-TV. Famous Players Canadian Corp. Ltd. owned 49.6% of the company. The other largest shareholders were CHRC Ltee. (19.9%) and CKCV Ltee. (19.8%). CKMI broadcast with a power of 5,600 watts video and 2,800 watts audio, and was a CBC English network affiliate.

By this time, CKMI-TV had a power of 13,850 watts video and 6,770 watts audio.

Famous Players Canadian Corp. was a controlled subsidiary of Paramount International Films Inc. To get around the new foreign ownership regulations, Famous wanted to transfer its broadcasting operations to a new corporation – Teltron Communications Ltd. The CRTC denied this application on April 17 because effective ownership of Teltron would have remained essentially the same as before. Famous had interests in Television de Quebec Ltee, Central Ontario Television Ltd., British Columbia Television Broadcasting System Ltd., and numerous cable companies.

On July 20, Television de Quebec (Canada) Ltee had its licences for CKMI-TV and CFCM-TV renewed to March 31, 1971. This company wass not an eligible corporation because 50% of the shares were owned by Famous Players Canadian Corp. Ltd. which was a U. S. corporation. This was a license extension to give the company time to comply with foreign ownership regulations.

On March 4, Television de Quebec (Canada) Ltee, owner of CFCM-TV and CKMI-TV, was given permission to transfer 3,000 class B common shares from Famous Players Canadian Corp. Ltd. to CHRC Ltee (1,200 shares), CKCV (Quebec) Ltee (1,200 shares), Jevlam Inc. (600 shares) and to redeem 2,250 Class B preferred shares from Famous Players Canadian in order to reduce its holdings to 20%. This would bring Famous in line with the foreign ownership regulations.

The corporate name fro CFCM-TV and CKMI-TV became Tele-Capitale Ltee.

On July 15, Radio Laval Inc. was given approval to purchase CFCM-TV and CKMI-TV from Tele-Capitale Ltee.

On August 7, approval was granted for the transfer of indirect control of (A) Enterprises Tele-Capitale Ltee (CKLM, CFCM-TV, CKMI-TV, CFER-TV and CFER-TV-1); (B) CHRC Ltee (CHRC-AM and CHOI-FM) – through the transfer of not less than 50.5% of Class B common voting shares of Tele-Capitale Ltee (the parent company) from Claude Pratte and one or both of the other major shareholders, Jevlam Inc. (J. A. Pouliot) and Baribeau & Fils Inc. (Baribeau family) to Corporation de Gestion La Verendrye. This was conditional on Corporation de Gestion LaVerendrye doing a public offering within 21 days to acquire Class A common non-voting shares of Tele-Capitale.

Tele-Capital Ltd. was sold by Corporation de Gestion La Vérendrye to CHEM-TV Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Pathonic Communications Inc. CHEM-TV Inc. then amalgamated with Tele-Capital Ltd. The amalgamated company became Tele-Capital Inc. (a subsidiary of Pahtonic).

Groupe Vidéotron Ltée. Acquired Télé-Métropole Inc. from the Estate of J.A. DeSève, the J.A. DeSève Foundation and Ciné-Monde Inc.

Télé-Métropole Inc. acquired control of Pathonic Network Inc., including CKMI-TV. Le Groupe Vidéotron Ltée owned 99.7% of the voting shares and 40.8% of all of the outstanding shares in Télé-Métropole at this time.

The corporate name was now Groupe TVA Inc.

On August 13, Télé-Métropole Inc. was given approval to acquire 75% of Le Réseau de télévision TVA Inc. from Radio Nord Inc., Télé-Inter Rives Ltée and Télévision de la Baie des Chaleurs Inc. (25% each). This purchase gave Télé-Métropole 100% of the network.

The corporate name was now TM Multi-Régions Inc.

Télé-Métropole Inc. acquired CKMI-TV (and other stations) from its subsidiary, TM Multi-Régions Inc.

On February 27, TVA CanWest Limited Partnership (TVA Regional Inc. and Global Communications Ltd.) was given approval to purchase CKMI-TV from Télé-Métropole inc. (TVA Regional Inc.). The station would drop its CBC affiliation and become a GLOBAL network station.

On September 5, CKMI-TV was authorized to change the channel and the effective radiated power for Quebec City, from channel 5 with 13,850 watts, to channel 20C with 20,200 watts; and Montréal, from channel 67B with 4,980 watts, to channel 46B with 4,850 watts.

On September 14, CKMI disaffiliated from the CBC and joined the Global Television Network. At this time, CKMI moved from channel 5 to channel 20. The CBC took over channel 5 for its new Quebec City station CBVE-TV (re-broadcaster of CBMT Montreal). CKMI also added a transmitter at Montreal (Channel 46).

CKMI-TV-1 Montreal was authorized to increase effective radiated power from 4,850 to 33,000 watts.

On August 30, Global Television Network Inc. received approval to acquire the 49% interest held by the limited partner, TVA Regional Inc., in Global Television Network Quebec Limited Partnership. Global now owned 100% of CKMI-TV.

On September 1, Global Television Network Inc., Global Communications Limited, CanWest Media Inc. and certain other CanWest companies amalgamated under the name CanWest MediaWorks Inc.

On May 1, CanWest MediaWorks Inc. (the general partner) and GTNQ Holdings Inc. (the limited partner), carrying on business as Global Television Network Quebec Limited Partnership was given approval to acquire CKMI-TV from the current partners, Global Communications Limited and Global Television Network Inc., as part of an intra-corporate reorganization. The reorganization did not result in any change in the ultimate control of CKMI-TV, which continued to be exercised by David A. Asper, Gail S. Asper and Leonard J. Asper, children of the late Israel Asper, as approved in Administrative letter of 27 October 2005, in their capacity as directors of CanWest Global Communications Corp. and in accordance with their authority to elect the majority of the board of directors.

Written by Bill Dulmage - December, 2006
Yves Roy
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proutporut Re: Historique de CKMI-5

le Lun 13 Aoû - 20:45
Je regardais le MI-5 pour écouter entres autres:

-Three's Company
-Benny Hill
-The Price Is Right
-Les nouvelles de Québec (Inside Quebec)

Carl Fiset
Nombre de messages : 14185
Age : 47
Date d'inscription : 11/09/2006

proutporut Re: Historique de CKMI-5

le Mer 17 Oct - 16:50
La station a à toutes fins pratiques fermé il y a 13 jours. Il ne reste que l'antenne réémétrice et deux journalistes qui vont couvrir la Colline Parlementaire.


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proutporut Re: Historique de CKMI-5

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