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proutporut Historique de CKLD Thetford

le Mar 16 Fév - 14:51
Québec, Québec/Chaudière-Apalaches Quebec/Chaudiere-Apalaches

CKLD-FM, Thetford Mines, Radio Mégantic Ltée.

CKLD began broadcasting on February 12, operating on 1230 kHz with a power of 250 watts.

CKLD was an affiliate of the CBC's French language network and the French Radio Association. The station was owned by Radio Megantic Ltee (H. Lagueux 93.8%, Mme. H. Lagueux 0.5%, Guy Vachon 1.5% and four other shareholders 4.2%). Henri Lagueux was president of the company and manager of CKLD.

CKLD was granted approval to increase power to 1,000 watts day and 250 watts night.

Francois Labbe was president of Radio Megantic Ltee and manager of CKLD.

CJLP Disraeli is launched as a rebroadcaster of CKLD

CKLD moved to 1330 kHz and increased power to 10,000 watts.

On March 21, Radio Megantic Ltee was licenced to operate a network which would link CKLD, CKFL Lac Megantic, CFDA Victoriaville and a proposed new AM station at Plessisville. The network would be called Radio Apalache.

CKLD received approval to change its frequency to 1330 kHz and increase full-time power to 10,000 watts. Radio Megantic was also granted permission for a rebroadcast transmitter at Disraeli, using CKLD's existing 1230 kHz frequency with a power of 1,000 watts day and 250 watts at night.

On June 8, Radio Megantic Ltee was authorized to disaffiliate CKLD and CJLP from Radio-Canada and to join Le Resseau Telemedia. Radio-Canada was granted FM licences to serve these communities and would maintain a modified affiliation agreement with Radio Megantic until FM receiver ownership was at sufficient level in the region.

On September 29, CKLD was granted a move to the FM dial, operating on 105.5 MHz with an effective radiated power of 3,000 watts.

CKLD moved to the FM dial. The old CKLD-AM went silent on August 31.

Radio Mégantic was given approval to add a transmitter at Disraeli to rebroadcast the programs of CKLD. The new station would replace CJLP-AM and operate on 107.1 MHz with an effective radiated power of 57.2 watts.

On January 23 the CRTC approved an application by Radio Mégantic ltee, owned by François Labbé, for authority to implement a corporate reorganization that would modify the direct control of Radio Megantic. Mégantic, the licensee of CKLD-FM Thetford Mines and its transmitter CJLP-FM Disraeli, is part of a Quebec radio network known as Réseau des Appalaches. The network also includes Radio Victoriaville ltée, the licensee of CFDA-FM Victoriaville, and Réseau des Appalaches (FM) ltée, the licensee of CFJO-FM and CFJO-FM-1 Lac Mégantic. Mégantic holds and controls 58.54% of the voting rights for Victoriaville, and shares equally in the ownership of Appalaches with Victoriaville. The proposed reorganization involves the transfer of the 79.01% voting interest in Mégantic currently held by the management corporation Gestion 450 inc., which company is owned by François Labbé, to a new management firm to be incorporated, that will also be owned by Mr. Labbé, and is to be named Gestion des Appalaches inc. (Gesco). In a concurrent transaction, Gesco will also acquire Mr. Labbé's direct holdings (9.75%) in Victoriaville. The Commission notes that ultimate control of the licensees participating in the Réseau des Appalaches will remain unchanged and will continue to be exercised by François Labbé. The Commission further notes that Mégantic's control of Victoriaville has increased from 40% to 58.54% without the prior approval of the Commission.

Written by Bill Dulmage - Updated August, 2009

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