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    Historique de CKBM-AM, Montmagny

    Carl Fiset

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    proutporut Historique de CKBM-AM, Montmagny

    Message par Carl Fiset le Ven 17 Sep - 10:59

    Québec, Québec/Chaudière-Apalaches Quebec/Chaudiere-Apalaches

    CKBM-AM, Montmagny, Radio CKBM Inc. / Station left the air.

    Radio Alleghany Inc. received approval to operate a new AM station, operating on 1490 kHz with a full-time power of 250 watts (non directional).

    CKBM signed on the air on January 31. It was an independent station with no network affiliation. Roger Boulanger was manager.

    Radio Alleghanys Inc. ownership: J. Deschenes, R. Boulanger, O. Poiras and A. Mercier each held a 25% interest.
    Henri Deschenes was president of Radio Alleghanys Inc. and Andre Mercier was manager and commercial manager of CKBM. Deschenes was also production and program manager.

    By this time, CKBM 1490 had increased daytime power to 1,000 watts. Henri Deschenes was president of the company and Andre Mercier was CKBM's manager.

    Local sales manager Stephen Guay left for CJLV Levis-Quebec.

    On December 24, approval was granted for the transfer of 49 common and 289 preferred shares of Radio Alleghanys Inc. to a Mr. & Mrs. Mercier.

    The sale of CKBM to Louis Paquin by Radio Alleghanys Inc. was approved by the CRTC.

    Late in the year, CKBM went silent for almost four months due to a labour dispute.

    On December 29, the CRTC approved the transfer of control of Radio CKBM Inc., noting the transfer had already taken place without prior Commission approval. The application called for the transfer of 100% of CKBM from L. Paquin to Guy Simard (55%), Pierrette Roy, Claude Martel and Boutique Le Musicologue Inc.

    Pierrette Roy was given permission to acquire CKBM.

    Due to a precarious financial situation, CKBM ceased operating on August 19.

    On April 12, Radio CKBM Inc. went bankrupt and came under the management of a trustee in bankruptcy.

    On September 21, the CRTC denied the application by Radio CKBM (1982) Inc. to acquire CKBM from Radio CKBM Inc. At the ownership hearing, the Commission learned that a number of transactions concerning ownership of CKBM had taken place (without approval) since 1980. Because Radio CKBM (1982) Inc. did not own the station’s assets and had not demonstrated that it was in a position to complete the purchase of CKBM, the CRTC did not approve the sale of the station to the applicant. CKBM remained off the air.

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