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CKSH-TV, Sherbrooke
, Cogeco/Bell Globemedia

On August 3, Henri Audet (Télévision St-François Inc.) was awarded a licence for channel 9 at Sherbrooke. At the same time, CHLT Tele 7 Ltee. was given approval to switch to the TVA network when channel 9 launches. The new station would be the Radio-Canada affiliate.

Télévision St-François Inc. opened CKSH-TV channel 9 as an SRC affiliate on September 19. CKSH was a semi-satellite of CKTM-TV in Trois-Rivieres.

CKSH-TV was authorized to make a minor relocation of its transmitter site and to increase effective radiated power from 77,100 watts video and 14,300 watts audio to 113,000 watts video and 20,200 watts audio.

CKSH-TV updated its technical facilities. Before now, local production was on film, using unlimited, overcrowded facilities. Now, with more professional equipment and surroundings, the station was winning larger audiences, and contracts for production of commercials for national accounts. The construction was completed without any disruption of regular programming.

Alain Plante was CKSH-TV's production director.

Télévision St-François Inc., owner of CKSH-TV, launched CFKS-TV - an affiliate of the new TQS network.

Francois Laganiere joined CKSH-TV/CKTM-TV (Cogeco) as national sales manager.

By this time, CKSH-TV was operating with 325,000 watts video and 56,000 watts audio.

Around this time, the corporate name changed to Cogeco Radio-Télévision Inc. (Cogeco Inc.) from Télévision Saint-François Inc.

On August 22, Consortium Quebecor was authorized to acquire effective control of TQS inc. Communications Quebecor inc. would hold 58.52% in Consortium Quebecor. The other shareholders were Canadian Satellite Communications Inc. (19.49%), Cogeco inc. (19.99%), and the other affiliates of the "Télévision Quatre Saisons" network, which included CKSH-TV

On December 7, Cogeco Radio Television Inc. (60%) and Bell Globemedia Inc. (through subsidiary CTV Television Inc.) (40%) were given approval to acquire TQS Inc. The shares had been held in trust by Mr. Pierre Hébert. The sale of TQS came about because of the purchase of TVA by Quebecor Média Inc. The CRTC imposed a condition precedent requiring that the control of TQS be transferred to a third party not associated with Quebecor.

On June 26, the CRTC approved the application by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation to acquire the assets of CKSH-TV Sherbrooke, CKTM-TV Trois-Rivières and CKTV-TV Saguenay and its transmitter CKTV-TV-1 Saint-Fulgence, from TQS inc.

Written by Bill Dulmage - Updated October, 2009

Source : http://www.broadcasting-history.ca/index3.html
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