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Carl Fiset
Carl Fiset
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proutporut Historique de CHAU-TV

le Ven 7 Jan - 10:33
Un des dernières stations à s'être converti à la couleur en 1978. Les émissions locales étaient encore en noir et blanc jusqu'en 1978. Ça fesse de savoir ça...

CHAU-TV, Carleton
, Tele Inter-Rives Ltée

Télévision de la Baie des Chaleurs (Dr. Charles Houde) opened CHAU-TV channel 5 on October 17. The station was affiliated with the CBC and broadcast programming in French and English. The station was originally licenced to New Carlisle.

CHAU-TV joined Radio-Canada’s microwave network on March 24.

CHAU-TV New Carlisle had an effective radiated power of 52,500 watts video and 26,250 watts audio. It operated rebroadcast transmitters at the following locations: Ste. Maruerite-Marie (channel 2), St. Quentin (10), Port Daniel (10), Chandler (7), Perce (2), Gaspe (10), and Riviere-au-Renard (7).

CHAU-TV received permission to add a satellite transmitter at L'Anse a Valleau.

CHAU switched to French-only programming.

In September, CHAU-TV was authorized to simulcast all of the local programming offered by CBAFT-TV Moncton.

By this time CHAU-TV had the following retransmitters: CHAU-TV-1 Sainte Marguerite-Marie, CHAU-TV-2 Saint-Quentin (NB), CHAU-TV-3 Port Daniel, CHAU-TV-4 Chandler, CHAU-TV-5 Perce, CHAU-TV-6 Gaspe, CHAU-TV-7 Riviere-au-Renard, CHAU-TV-8 Cloridorme, and CHAU-TV-9 L'Anse a Valleau.

The following rebroadcaster changes were approved: CHAU-TV-5 Perce (increase ERP from 465 watts video and 233 watts audio to 9,620 watts video and 962 watts audio), CHAU-TV-8 Cloridorme (move from channel 6 to 5, power remains 5 watts), CHAU-TV-7 Riviere au Renard (increase ERP from 97.5watts video and 48.8 watts audio - omnidirectional to 205 watts video and 20.5 watts audio - directional), and CHAU-TV-2 St-Quentin (move from channel 10 to 9, power remains 5 watts). The following rebroadcasters were approved: Murdochville (channel 5, 5 watts, directional), Kedgwick, New Brunswick (ch 2, 5 watts, directional) and St-Martin de Restigouche, New Brunswick (Ch 9, 5 watts, directional). All three would receive programming directly from CHAU-TV Carleton.

CHAU-TV-1 Ste-Marguerite-Marie was authorized to increase effective radiated video power from 219 watts to 4,730 watts.

CHAU-TV-6 Gaspe received approval to move from channel 10 to channel 13 and to increase power from 5 watts to an ERP of 157 watts. CHAU-TV-4 Chandler would switch from omnidirectional to a directional antenna.

CHAU-TV converted its studio facilities to colour - one of the last in the country to do so. The station had offered colour programs from other sources but was now able to produce local live colour programming.

Following public hearings, the CRTC announced that it was time for the CBC and CHAU-TV to act on improving French-language television services for northeastern New Brunswick and the Gaspe peninsula. The objective was for the CBC to provide full service to northeastern New Brunswick (from Moncton) and the Gaspe (from Matane) and for CHAU, now a CBC affiliate, to extend TVA service to both areas. All services were to be on VHF channels. The CBC proposed to move its rebroadcaster on channel 3 at Neguac to Allardville and increase its power so it would cover the Gaspe and Bathurst, N.B. Additional rebroadcasters would be needed at Campbellton and Dalhousie. The CRTC approved the power increase with the stipulation that the CBC submit applications by January of 1980 to complete service to the area, and that it meet with CHAU-TV to work out a plan for optimum utilization of VHF channels.

On May 13, CHAU-TV was given approval to switch networks…from Radio-Canada to TVA. Channel 5 was also authorized to decrease effective radiated power from 52,500 watts to 40,300 watts and to make a variety of technical changes to its rebroadcast transmitters.

CHAU switched from Radio-Canada to the TVA network on December 18. Radio-Canada opened its own station at this time. CHAU received TVA programming from sister station CIMT-TV in Rivière-du-Loup.

CHAU-TV-9 l'Anse-a-Valleau was authorized to change channel from 7 to 5 and CHAU-TV-12 Murdochville received approval to change channel from 5 to 7.

CHAU-TV constructed a studio at Bathurst, New Brunswick, in order to better serve residents in that region.

The station's licence was renewed following the construction of the Bathurst studio, and the purchase of equipment to cover news from Northeastern New Brunswick.

On January 12, Le Réseau de Télévision TVA Inc. was officially authorized to add CHAU-TV and its rebroadcasters as affiliates. As noted above, the affiliation began on December 18, 1983.

On January 29, approval was granted for the transfer of effective control of
Baie des Chaleurs Television Inc., The Rimouski Broadcasting Co. Ltd., and The Shawinigan Falls Broadcasting Co. Ltd. through the transfer of 1,000 common voting shares of Prades Inc. (100%) from Paul G. Desmarais (500) and Claude Pratte (500) to Power Corporation of Canada, which was indirectly controlled by Mr. Desmarais. As a result, Power Corp. would acquire 100% control of Prades Inc. which held effective control of these companies.

On February 2, CHAU-TV was authorized to affiliate with "Réseau Pathonic". It would continue to also operate as a TVA affiliate.

On September 15, Télévision de la Baie des Chaleurs Inc. was authorized to add a rebroadcast transmitter for CHAU-TV at Tracadie, on channel 9 with a transmitter power of 10 watts.

Yvon Goulet assumed responsibility for programming in addition to being program director. Gilles Barriault was named technical director.

On December 21, Télévision de la Baie des Chaleurs Inc. (Federal charter) was granted authority to acquire CHAU-TV and its rebroadcasting stations from Télévision de la Baie des Chaleurs Inc. (Provincial charter). There was no change of ownership or control.

On October 22, Télévision de la Baie des Chaleurs Inc. was authorized to delete CHAU-TV-12 Murdochville. In order to eliminate the problem of CHAU-TV-12's poor signal quality, the signal of CHAU-TV would have to be delivered to Murdochville via microwave. CHAU-TV stated it does not have the necessary financial resources for such an undertaking.

Yvon Goulet was promoted to vice president and general manager of CHAU-TV.

CHAU-TV was denied a reduction in local news. It had committed to 5:45 hours per week and wanted to cut that to 1:40. The CRTC settled on three hours a week, noting that CHAU-TV was in a favorable financial situation compared with other Quebec stations.

On March 24, the CRTC approved the application by Corus Entertainment Inc. (through subsidiary 5191992 B.C. Ltd.) to acquire CHAU-TV from Télévision de la Baie des Chaleurs inc. (Power Broadcasting Inc./Diffusion Power inc.).

On August 10, CHAU-TV Communications ltée (formerly 3760464 Canada Inc.) was given approval to acquire CHAU-TV (and its transmitters) from 591992 B.C. Ltd., which was a wholly-owned subsidiary CHAU-TV Communications ltée. The transaction constituted an intracorporate reorganization having no impact on the ultimate ownership or management of the station.

By this time, CHAU-TV operated the following rebroadcast transmitters: CHAU-TV-1 Sainte-Marguerite-Marie, CHAU-TV-3 Port-Daniel, CHAU-TV-4 Chandler, CHAU-TV-5 Percé, CHAU-TV-6 Gaspé, CHAU-TV-7 Rivière-au-Renard, CHAU-TV-8 Cloridorme, CHAU-TV-9 L’Anse-à-Valleau, Quebec, and CHAU-TV-2 Saint-Quentin, CHAU-TV-10 Tracadie and CHAU-TV-11 Kedgwick, NB.

On August 27 the CRTC renewed until August 31, 2016, the licence of CHAU-TV and its transmitters (Quebec: CHAU-TV-1 Sainte-Marguerite-Marie, CHAU-TV-3 Port-Daniel, CHAU-TV-4 Chandler, CHAU-TV-5 Percé, CHAU-TV-6 Gaspé, CHAU-TV-7 Rivière-au-Renard, CHAU-TV-8 Cloridorme and CHAU-TV-9 L'Anse-à-Valleau; New Brunswick: CHAU-TV-2 Saint-Quentin, CHAU-TV-10 Tracadie-Sheila and CHAU-TV-11 Kedgwick). Conditions of licence include: The licensee shall broadcast not less than four hours and 20 minutes of local programming in each broadcast week.

The CRTC approved the change to the ownership of Quebecor Media Inc. through the transfer of the shares held by Capital d'Amérique CDPQ inc. in QMI to CDP Capital d'Amérique Investissement inc., another CDPQ subsidiary. This transaction does not affect the effective control of QMI and of its licensee subsidiaries. QMI owns, through TVA Group Inc. and Videotron Ltd., broadcasting distribution undertakings, television programming undertakings, a pay-per-view undertaking, specialty services and a video-on-demand undertaking.

Written by Bill Dulmage - Updated June, 2010

Source : http://www.broadcasting-history.ca/index3.html
Carl Fiset
Carl Fiset
Nombre de messages : 14185
Age : 48
Date d'inscription : 11/09/2006

proutporut Re: Historique de CHAU-TV

le Ven 7 Jan - 10:38
Des antennes vidéos VHF de 5 watts de puissance? Tu ne dois pas avoir la meilleure qualité d'image avec ça il me semble?


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